Carpet Cleaning

Expert Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important routines for homes with heavy carpeting throughout. It is important to get the floors cleaned at least once or twice a year and never miss it. Dirt hides in the deepest fibres of the material, and not cleaning the carpets regularly might take a toll on the health of your loved ones. Because constant changing of the carpet is expensive, why not take care of it in the first place and get it cleaned regularly?

You might always get tempted to bypass professional cleaners and DIY the cleaning yourself. You try to convince yourself that it is easy and that you can simply use the cleaning products stacked below the kitchen sink. This, unfortunately, might only ruin your entire carpet.

Effective solutions

Let us, the experts at Superior Steam & Dry take care of the task for you. We have:
  • A team of experienced carpet cleaning experts - for years, we have been the go-to source for quality cleaning service throughout the Tauranga region.
  • A proven cleaning method – our team will do so much more than just give your floors a quick sweep with a vacuum cleaner. We use the latest techniques to completely sanitise your flooring and remove stubborn stains.
  • A highly competitive pricing on carpet cleaning services– we do not charge you with over-the-top fees. We simply charge you what is due.
Bring your carpet back to life with our unmatched carpet cleaning service. Tauranga residents have been with us for years; you might want to try us, too. Call today for enquiries!

Lounge, Dining, Hall & 1 Bedroom only $95!

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